Contractor Key Information Documents

As a contractor we offer two different ways that you can engage with us. Below you will find the Key Information documents for both options. These are there to help you to understand the relationship you will have with us and to give you a clear understanding of how any fees and deductions will affect your pay. If you have any questions please feel free to speak to your Hirobe Consultant.

An umbrella company is a third-party organisation that will calculate your tax and other deductions and then pay you for the work undertaken. We will still be finding you the work.

The money earned on your assignments will be transferred to the umbrella company as part of their income. They will then pay you your wage and your payslip may show you as an employee of the umbrella company. All of the deductions made which will affect your wage are listed in the key information document below.

Key Information Document for contractors via Umbrella.pdf